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The University of Siena in Gargano to monitor beaches, water and mussels



On 23 and 24 January, students of the Master's Degree in "Ecotoxicology and Environmental Sustainability" of theUniversity of Siena on an educational excursion to Puglia to monitor the beach, the water column and the mussels.

On the first day, the courses Resources and Sustainability of the Marine Environment And Monitoring and Conservation of species at risk, evaluation activities were involved beach litter in Capojale, in the province of Foggia, with particular attention to the dispersion of nets for the cultivation of mussels.

Driven byProfessors Cristina Panti and Maria Cristina Fossi dedicated the second day of work tothe learning of mussel farming techniques thanks to the hospitality ofJudge fish who with his mussel farmers conducted the study visit to the breeding facilities by boat. It all took place in front of the coast of the Northern Gargano, in the municipality of Cagnano Varano, where there are approximately 30 thousand hectares of sea dedicated to mussel farming.
12 concessionary companies involving various cooperatives and agricultural companies employing 400 workers, in the management of cultivation facilities for the largest mussels in the European Mediterranean.

Furthermore, at the Sea Turtle Recovery Center of Manfredonia, took place sampling of mussels for ecotoxicological analyses.



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