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The LIFE Muscles Communication Strategy pursues the main objective of providing information on actions to combat the dispersion of socks used for mussel farming.

This section describes the dissemination tools and materials useful for achieving the objectives set.


The identified agency designed the graphic line which was then adopted for all the communication tools that will be used. The entire communication campaign is aimed at professionals in the mussel farming sector but also at citizens, technicians and institutions and takes the form of the use of clear language with a precise and determined tone of voice. 

To effectively communicate the project, it is necessary to build a brand identity that helps make it immediately recognizable. For this reason, with the help of the Italweb communication agency, a special was studied Representative logo of the project's mission. The logo is accompanied by a pay off, a short text that completes the visual identity of the project, making it recognizable and coherent. 

The image concept of the "LIFE Muscles" project takes its cue from the graphic stylization of the main elements of the project itself: the mussel and the net. The two elements give birth to a new "circular" harmonic element perfectly "immersed" in the marine context, ready to give life to an ideal cyclical movement, like the cog of a virtuous mechanism.

The use of a thick stroke, free of edges and points, together with the use of clear and legible lettering, equally rounded and soft, the use of a few colori, are all elements that combine to suggest empathy that translates into involvement and participation to the complex theme of sea pollution, linked to a specific sector. And as much as a single project may seem like a drop compared to what there is to do, it is true that many drops form a sea.

The logo is one of the elements contained in a special Branding boxes which contains the letterhead, template for power point presentations, cover for internal reports, string of logos where the co-financer (LIFE Programme), the leader and the partners appear. 

Circular innovation to protect the sea

The pay-off "Circular innovation to protect the sea" is the closing sentence (literal translation of the graphic element), connected to the image that always accompanies it and describes its mission.

It is an element that cannot be modified over time, therefore its English version was preferred, in view of the replicability and transferability actions envisaged in the last few years of the project (international workshops and meetings), but also to maintain consistency with the project name. refers toinnovation that the project brings to the entire mussel farming chain with the main objective of protect the sea from pollution.

It's a sentence addressed to all the stakeholders involved: mussel farmers who can innovate their way of producing and be architects of a circular economy based on the reduction and recovery of waste (stockings for breeding, in our case); distributors who will be able to use recycled packaging; consumers who with conscious purchases (the famous vote with the wallet) can contribute to the demand for products that are increasingly respectful of the environment; tourists to whom a message of added value is addressed to their brief experience and use of local places and economies; the political decision-makers who receive solicitations on the integration of the present regulatory framework.

Logo and pay-off, as well as the LIFE Program logo, will be present on all information materials produced for the dissemination of the project that aim at an "off-line" communication always attentive to satisfying the need to bring complex issues to the attention of the general public without making them lose their scientific basis, rather proposing it as a distinctive trait that makes each project authoritative and credible scientific environmentalism action

The Life MUSCLES website has been online since April 2022 and is constantly updated with news, articles, activities in which partners are involved and news regarding the project topics. It is updated with news, insights and documents, national and international events promoted by partners or by those involved in water protection and the fight against sea pollution.

Each partner's site connects to and every time contacts are made for events or collaborations, a banner is proposed to guide traffic data towards the project site.

Article writing follows the SEO Search Engine Optimisation to increase organic traffic to a web page.

Google Analytics is used to monitor the website. Thanks to this tool, various types of statistics can be observed such as the duration of the session, the origin of the visits, the number of pages visited, the most viewed pages, the geographical location, etc. The monitoring of the website has been active since May 2022.

LIFE Muscles communication also travels on four social networks:
Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube.

The Facebook and Instagram pages dedicated to the project have been opened to create specific containers for the topics related to the project.

As far as Twitter is concerned, the Legambiente profile is used to take advantage of an existing fan base familiar with the project's themes.

The same goes for YouTube, where the Legambiente Onlus channel has a playlist dedicated to Life MUSCLES.


Since the beginning of the project, relations with the media have seen different levels of action depending on the area of reference but also on the type of messages disseminated. Life MUSCLES focuses on a scientific theme but aims to address different targets ranging from the specialized public to the general one.

The tools available to the project to get in touch with the media and disseminate the issues to multiple targets are:

  • Press releases;
  • Press conferences;
  • Congresses and seminars;
  • Interviews.


In the last 3 months of the project, a final national conference will be organized in Rome to present the results achieved, the good practices collected and the knowledge learned. The conference will be attended by representatives of national institutions, regions, the scientific community, management bodies of protected areas and Natura 2000 sites, environmental associations, fishermen's organisations, etc…


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