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Slide La Spezia Gargano a Areas of intervention The LIFE MUSCLES project foresees the carrying out of the actions in two pilot areas: the North Gargano on the Adriatic Sea, where the mobile recycling plant will be developed, e La Spezia on the Tyrrhenian Sea, where the PP socks will be replaced with those in BP and recycling and composting tests will be carried out. a

North Gargano on the Adriatic Sea

Currently in the North of the Gargano there are 12 mussel farming operators, including small cooperatives and family-run businesses. The extension of the breeding area is 2,400 hectares in the sea with an annual production of mussels of 10,000 tons. Every year 24 tons of PP socks are used with a cost of 96,000 euros (4 euros per kilo) for their purchase. The recycling plant will treat the used PP socks collected in the Gargano aquaculture. The collection will be coordinated by the Soc. Agricola Ittica Del Giudice (partner of the project), owner of a marine concession of 200 hectares with 800 tons of mussels produced every year and about 2 tons of PP socks used.

La Spezia on the Tyrrhenian Sea

In the Tyrrhenian area, the pilot will be carried out in La Spezia where the Cooperative Mitilicoltori Associati (project partner), which brings together 86 mussel farming operators, has a state concession over the entire marine production area (170 ha). The annual output is 2,500 tons of mussels with 7.5 tons of used PP socks.


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