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Two appointments with mussel farmers for Sea Day in La Spezia

Due appuntamenti con i mitilicoltori per la Giornata del Mare a La Spezia
. PROGRAM OF ACTIVITIES. . Wednesday 10 April At the educational event Every Drop Counts, conference entitled “Ecology of the sea; actions and projects for a sustainable future” Speech by Paolo Varrella, president of the Cooperativa Mitilicoltori Associati of La Spezia – The circular economy in shellfish farming: Life MUSCLES. HERE is the Tele interview

Sea Day in Puglia with the Lesina IC

Giornata del Mare in Puglia con l’IC di Lesina
. . National Sea Day with the Comprehensive Institute of Lesina, in the province of Foggia. . The president of the Legambiente IRIDE - San Nicandro Garganico club met the first and third classes to talk about Life MUSCLES and the project actions to protect the sea.

A new report from La Sapienza University of Rome has been published on the characterization of recycled polypropylene

Pubblicato un nuovo report dell’Università La Sapienza di Roma sulla caratterizzazione del polipropilene riciclato
. DOWNLOAD . In order to verify the possible recycling of polypropylene socks, ROM Plastica carried out a preliminary mechanical recycling of these socks obtained by first shredding the material coming from the used socks (grinding), subsequently removing the organic contaminants, by washing with pressure water, subsequently centrifugation and drying

The meeting with the Life MUSCLES partners in La Spezia

A La Spezia il meeting con i partner di Life MUSCLES
. The meeting between the partners of the Life MUSCLES project was held on March 27, 2024. A moment of discussion useful for evaluating the progress of the project actions. An opportunity to visit the Mussel Farming Museum which is located in the same building as the Cooperativa Mitilicoltori Associati in Lerici.

Monitoring socks for mussel farming on the beach: the Life MUSCLES video

Il monitoraggio delle calze per la mitilicoltura in spiaggia: il video di Life MUSCLES
. On the occasion of World Water Day, we present an action by Life MUSCLES that allows us to measure the effectiveness of the solutions proposed by our European project. . We collect, count, weigh, catalog and remove the remains for mussel farming from the marine and coastal ecosystem. The data emerging from the Gargano beaches in

Monitoring of microplastics on the surface and in the water column

Il monitoraggio delle microplastiche in superficie e nella colonna d’acqua
. While waiting for World Water Day, researchers from the University of Siena, on a boat with Paolo Varrella, president of the Cooperativa Mitilicoltori Associati of La Spezia, are busy collecting samples on the surface and in the water column (action B .5.1) in the Gulf of Poets in Liguria. Analyzes -

Life MUSCLES at the Fish Research Forum in Emilia-Romagna

Life MUSCLES al Forum della Ricerca Ittica in Emilia-Romagna
. . The first event of the "Regional strategic forum for the Blue economy - for a regional strategic plan for fish research: 10 ideas for innovation and sustainability" was held on 11 March at the third tower of Viale della Fiera 8 in Bologna. ” organized by the Directorate General for Agriculture, Hunting

In Torre Lapillo collection of nets for mussel farming

A Torre Lapillo raccolta di retine per la mitilicoltura
. . Citizen science in Torre Lapillo in Puglia, to collect waste on the beach and nets for mussel farming. The Legambiente Leverano and Terra d'Arneo club in collaboration with the Catholic Action youth sector Vicaria del Salento and with the Agesci Veglie1 novitiate, met

Circular innovation that protects the sea and the economy of the sector. The Life MUSCLES seminar at the AquaFarm International Fair.

Innovazione circolare che protegge il mare e l’economia del settore. Il seminario di Life MUSCLES alla Fiera internazionale AquaFarm.
. . Recycling of socks used for mussel farming and experimentation with biodegradable and compostable ones. Circular innovation that protects the sea and the economy of the sector: for mussel farmers a saving of 50% on the purchase of nets The Life MUSCLES seminar at the Mostra International conference on aquaculture,

Aquafarm hosts the Life MUSCLES seminar for mussel farmers

Aquafarm ospita il seminario di Life MUSCLES per i mitilicoltori
. . This year too we will be at Pordenone Fiere for Aquafarm, the international conference exhibition on aquaculture, shellfish farming, algoculture and the fishing industry. Here is the schedule of the seminar aimed at mussel farmers which will be held on February 14th from 2.00pm to 3.30pm at the Arena: Introduction and notes on the LIFE MUSCLES project

The University of Siena in Gargano to monitor beaches, water and mussels

L’Università di Siena in Gargano per monitorare spiagge, acqua e mitili
. . On 23 and 24 January, students of the Master's Degree in "Ecotoxicology and Environmental Sustainability" of the University of Siena on an educational excursion to Puglia to monitor the beach, the water column and the mussels. On the first day, the Resources and Sustainability of the Marine Environment and Monitoring courses

New edition of Clean Up The Sea with Legambiente Liguria in Genoa

Nuova edizione di Clean Up The Sea con Legambiente Liguria a Genova
. . The CLEAN UP THE SEA initiative was held on 27 December 2023. Volunteers from Legambiente Liguria and Genoa took care of the beach and collected waste in anticipation of celebrating a cleaner new year!

The action with the Schools begins: are you a teacher at secondary school? Sign up to receive the Edukit!

Al via l’azione con le Scuole: sei prof alla scuola secondaria? Aderisci per ricevere l’Edukit!
. . We have a specific educational program aimed at involving students in activities aimed at protecting the sea from pollution, trying to strengthen the bond with their territory. To do this we propose the digital Edukit, aimed at the classes of first and second level secondary schools in Liguria

Legambiente at congress: from 1st to 3rd December an extra opportunity to learn about our project

Legambiente a congresso: dall’1 al 3 dicembre un’occasione in più per conoscere il nostro progetto
At the XII Legambiente congress, the story of Life Muscles among the outputs of the end-of-term budget and in the contribution of Professor Cristina Fossi of the University of Siena. An innovative circular economy experience that strengthens association policies and collaborations with the world of research, the

Life MUSCLES at the Conference on the protection of waters and seas from plastic and microplastic pollution

Life MUSCLES alla Conferenza sulla protezione delle acque e dei mari dall’inquinamento da plastiche e microplastiche
. . The conference organized by the Croatian Presidency of EUSAIR on the protection of waters and seas from pollution by plastics and microplastics was held at the Sheraton Hotel in Zagreb on 29 November 2023. Loris Pietrelli and Fabrizio Soddu were present, respectively scientific contact and Project Manager of the project who brought the

Monitoring by the University of Siena in Liguria

Monitoraggi dell’Università di Siena in Liguria
SCIENTIFIC MONITORING, BASED ON THE MARINE STRATEGY PROTOCOL. . Winter beach litter monitoring at the “Baia blu” beach in the Gulf of Poets (La Spezia). The waste was collected, monitored and characterized on the beach in front of the mussel farming plant of the Cooperativa Mitilicoltori Associati, selected based on the joint list released

The Life MUSCLES partners at work in La Spezia

I partner di Life MUSCLES a lavoro a La Spezia
Appointment for the Life MUSCLES partners on 10 November 2023 in the Ligurian pilot area of La Spezia. Representatives of Legambiente, Novamont, the University of Siena and the University of Bologna were present, hosted at the farm of the Cooperativa Mitilicoltori Associati where the project was started offshore testing of biodegradable biopolymer socks

Life MUSCLES at ECOMONDO on November 8th at 4.25pm

Life MUSCLES ad ECOMONDO l’8 novembre alle 16:25
. . . Wednesday 8 November (3pm – 5.30pm) we will be at ECOMONDO with Life MUSCLES, guests of the conference “Sustainable aquaculture: New challenges and new opportunities to define good production practices” from 3-5.30pm | Agorà Blue Economy, pavilion B6. . During the conference, the Mediterranean Aquaculture Association (AMA) and the University participate and intervene.

The University of Siena with Life MUSCLES at Maker Faire Rome

L’Università degli Studi di Siena con Life MUSCLES a Maker Faire Rome
. . . Life MUSCLES will be with the University of Siena at “Maker Faire Rome – The European Edition” (, the event promoted and organized by the Rome Chamber of Commerce, which returns for its XI edition from 20 to 22 October, in the spaces of the Rome Fair. .

Life MUSCLES at the Italian Oyster Fest in La Spezia

Life MUSCLES all’Italian Oyster Fest di La Spezia
. . . It is the first festival dedicated to the Italian oyster, sustainable, delicious for everyone and will be held from 6 to 8 October at the port of La Spezia - Calata Paita, an area adjacent to the cruise terminal. . It will also be an opportunity to meet the representatives of two Life MUSCLES partners directly involved in the event.

UniSiena for the European Night of Researchers

UniSiena per la Notte Europea delle ricercatrici e dei ricercatori
. . . At the Bright-Night European Night of Researchers with the University of Siena. The initiative is called Plastic Busters: a journey from Research to Dissemination, and will also dedicate an in-depth look to our #lifeMuscles project. When 09/29/2023 What time 16:00 Where Siena, Piazza del Campo, Il

The University of Bologna with Life MUSCLES at the European Conference on Aquaculture

L’università di Bologna con Life MUSCLES al Convegno Europeo sull’Acquacoltura
. . . From 18 to 22 September the European conference on aquaculture EAS, European Aquaculture Society of Vienna, hosts the University of Bologna, with information materials and the researchers involved, to disseminate the report on the technical characteristics of nets for mussel farming.

Tele Norba online: A container in the port of Capoiale will recycle the nets of mussel farms

Tele Norba online: Un container nel porto di Capoiale riciclerà le reti degli allevamenti di cozze
The TELE NORBA ONLINE service with the interview with Matteo Del Giudice, prosecutor of our project partner Ittica Del Giudice and Angelo Giordano of Legambiente Iride, club of San Nicandro Garganico

Information booth Life MUSCLES in San Nicandro Garganico

Banchetto informativo Life MUSCLES a San Nicandro Garganico
. . . The information booths of Legambiente continue with the Circolo Iride of San Nicandro Garganico. On 11 and 12 August we were guests of the Pro Loco San Nicandro Garganico in PIAZZA DEI SAPORI GARGANICI to let everyone know about the Life MUSCLES project

Life MUSCLES at Cavù di Cagnano Varano

Life MUSCLES al Cavù di Cagnano Varano
. . . 6 and 7 August in Cagnano Varano the CAVU' Festival With the Circolo Iride of San Nicandro Garganico and our partners of Ittica Del Giudice, we take the opportunity to make our project known through the distribution of information materials and the meeting of visitors . The Gargano village hosts

Life MUSCLES La Spezia on a Morin walk throughout the summer

Life MUSCLES La Spezia in passeggiata Morin per tutta l’estate
. . . LIFE MUSCLES present at the 20th Festival of Spezzini products The mussel farmers of La Spezia await you in the Camminata Morin with demonstrations, show cooking and all the events that until September will confirm the commitment of an activity that has now lasted for more than ten years. A place to taste the typical products of the area: focaccia from La Spezia,

Two new project deliverables made by Novamont are available

Disponibili due nuovi deliverable di progetto realizzati da Novamont
. . . Two works by Novamont which aim to evaluate the mechanical properties and the environmental impact, in ecotoxicological terms, in comparison with the standard polymers currently used for the production of nets for mussels and finally to produce the nets with the selected biopolymer formulations .

Life MUSCLES at the Mussel Fest in Cagnano Varano

Life MUSCLES al Cozza Fest di Cagnano Varano
. . . The festival of lagoon productions will be held at the Malimi Garden of Capojale, in the Municipality of Cagnano Varano, which at 18:00 on 2 August will propose the conference entitled: "Innovative processes in mussel farming, a value for the Gargano" The festival will begin at 16:00 with the procession

Again Plastic Socks Busters in Torre Mileto in the Gargano

Ancora Plastic Socks Busters a Torre Mileto nel Gargano
. . . Awareness raising events for local communities which aim to inform resident citizens, tourists and commercial operators of the territories involved in Life MUSCLES. The Plastick Socks Busters "treasure" hunt rewards whoever collects the most nets for mussel farming, and this time in less than half an hour, 4 teams

Plastic Socks Busters on Palmaria Island, La Spezia

Plastic Socks Busters all’Isola di Palmaria, La Spezia
. . . Event to raise awareness of local communities which aims to inform resident citizens, tourists and commercial operators of the territories involved in Life MUSCLES. The Plastic Socks Busters "treasure" hunt rewards whoever collects the most nets for mussel farming, and this time around 200 pieces of

At Torre Mileto in Puglia Clean Up The Sea

A Torre Mileto in Puglia Clean Up The Sea
. . Citizens and volunteers defending the beach. Clean Up The Sea has arrived in Puglia, on the coasts of the Northern Gargano, which will now be cleaner thanks to the volunteers of Legambiente Puglia and the Circolo IRIDE of San Nicandro Garganico. This action by Life MUSCLES aims to

The next events of Life MUSCLES on the beaches of the Gargano

I prossimi eventi di Life MUSCLES sulle spiagge del Gargano
. . . Awareness raising events for local communities which aim to inform resident citizens, tourists and commercial operators of the territories involved in Life MUSCLES. Everything was possible thanks to the involvement of Legambiente Puglia and the Iride club of San Nicandro Garganico, the Ittica del Giudice company which

Networked with the Glaukos project

In network con il progetto Glaukos
. . . At the workshop "Marine-friendly biopolymers: characteristics and challenges", organized by Glaukos project and Bio-Plastics Europe, with the support of the European Bioplastics Research Network (EBRN) and the European Bioeconomy Network (EuBioNet). The event was held online on June 23 from 9.00 to 12.00 and for Life MUSCLES they were connected

At Mèni, things made with the hands and with the heart… like mussels!

Al Mèni, le cose fatte con le mani e con il cuore…come le cozze!
. . Great chefs become street cooks by manipulating the products of the land; young designers produce ideas with their own hands; farmers and winemakers offer their excellence. All this is Al Mèni, things made with the hands and with the heart. Al Meni, the circus of flavors created by

Clean Up The Sea with Legambiente La Spezia at the beach of Fiumaretta di Ameglia (SP)

Clean Up The Sea con Legambiente La Spezia alla spiaggia di Fiumaretta di Ameglia (SP)
. . The CLEAN UP THE SEA initiative was held on 17 June 2023 The volunteers of the Legambiente La Spezia club took care of the Fiumaretta beach in Ameglia, and collected plastic bags bags of undifferentiated glass bottles and about cigarette butts .

The Cooperative Mussel Farmers Associated with Slow Fish 2023: THE ECOLOGICAL TRANSITION STARTS WITH THE SEA.

La Cooperativa Mitilicoltori Associati a Slow Fish 2023: LA TRANSIZIONE ECOLOGICA PARTE DAL MARE.

At the First Blue Mission Med Stakeholder Forum, LIFE Muscles as a case study

Al Primo Blue Mission Med Stakeholder Forum, LIFE Muscles come caso studio
. . On 𝗼𝗿𝘂𝗺, was held on May 30 at Palazzo dei Normanni in Palermo. Among the 40 involved there were also the representatives of the scientific office of Legambiente Onlus, remotely, who provided a descriptive card on LIFE MUSCLES included in the final booklet available here:

Available a new project report created by the University of Siena

Disponibile un nuovo report di progetto realizzato dall’Università degli Studi di Siena
. . Report B.5.1 – BASIC DATA ON THE ENVIRONMENTAL STATE OF THE PILOT SITES BEFORE THE APPLICATION OF THE EXPERIMENTAL STOCKINGS has been published in the DOCUMENTS section. The objective of action B.5.1 is to analyze the microplastics dispersed in the water column in the two pilot sites ( La Spezia and Gargano Nord) to check the levels

MARLIPPO – Marine Litter and Plastic Pollution Lecce, 16 May 2023

MARLIPPO – Marine Litter and Plastic Pollution Lecce, 16 May 2023
. . . Activities against Marine litter: projects, monitoring and awareness campaigns. Legambiente and the University of Siena intervene to bring the LIFE MUSCLES experience to the MARLIPPO – Marine Litter and Plastic Pollution workshop, underway at the Castromediano Museum in Lecce. The workshop is an exchange of research actions,

LIFE MUSCLES in the LIFE A-MAR network, to get to know marine Natura 2000 sites, love them and protect them

LIFE MUSCLES nel network di LIFE A-MAR, per conoscere i siti marini Natura 2000, amarli e proteggerli
. . . LIFE A-MAR NATURA2000 is presented in Rome on Thursday 4th May. Meeting on the project dedicated to the enhancement of Natura 2000 Marine Sites in the Mediterranean in which our coordinator Marzia Mattioli participates, describing the LIFE MUSCLES actions that contribute to the well-being of the marine environment. . It will be held in Rome,

Second monitoring visit finally in person in Chioggia

Seconda visita di monitoraggio finalmente in presenza a Chioggia
. . . Two days in the company of our project monitor Agnese Roccato and the Life Muscles partners. On 23 and 24 March the second important appointment was held to evaluate the progress of the project, reviewing both the technical actions and the aspects

The LIFE MUSCLES team in Chioggia for the second monitoring visit

La squadra di LIFE MUSCLES a Chioggia per la seconda visita di monitoraggio
. . . The second monitoring visit on our LIFE MUSCLES was held on 23 and 24 March in Chioggia, at the headquarters of the project partner Rom Plastica Srl An important appointment that allowed the monitor of the Timesis company Agnese Roccato to assess the state of

The University of Bologna presents the Report on the characteristics and guidelines for the use of nets for mussel farming

L’Università di Bologna presenta il Report su caratteristiche e linee guida di utilizzo delle retine per la mitilicoltura
. . . HERE the registration of the event Event aimed at public actors who can welcome the database and the suggestions of stakeholders for regulatory changes affecting the mussel farming sector. “With today's meeting we are addressing regional administrators, park and protected area bodies – he said

UniBo dissemination event for administrators, parks and protected areas

Evento divulgativo di UniBo per amministratori, parchi e aree protette
. . . . The team of the University of Bologna - Department of Veterinary Medicine with the support of the coordinating beneficiary Legambiente and the whole partnership of the LIFE Muscles project organized the dissemination event dedicated to the Report on the characteristics of the standard sock and operational guidelines for use for mussel farming ,

Networking: LIFE Muscles at the final event of

Networking: LIFE Muscles all’evento finale di
. . . . On February 24th at 17:00 appointment with the final event of the project. which has as its objective the Monitoring, census, collection and start of recycling of ghost nets: The fishermen protagonists of the protection of the sea! From 18.00 among the #NETWORKING projects, there will also be a presentation

At AquaFarm LIFE Muscles promotes the transition towards a circular economy model for the production of mussels.

Ad AquaFarm LIFE Muscles promuove la transizione  verso un modello di economia circolare per la produzione di mitili.
. . . . The project funded by the EU Commission comes to life, with the experimentation of biodegradable and compostable polymer nets and the activation of the mobile recycling plant which will give a second life to socks for mussel farming At the Exhibition International conference on aquaculture, algoculture and industry of fishing,

On February 15, LIFE Muscles at AquaFarm, the international exhibition and conference on aquaculture, algoculture and the fishing industry

Il 15 febbraio LIFE Muscles ad AquaFarm, la Mostra Convegno internazionale su acquacoltura, algocoltura e industria della pesca
. . . AquaFarm will be held on 15 and 16 February in Pordenone and on the first day, from 14:00 to 15:30, will host the presentation of our project with a conference entitled: LIFE MUSCLES – Life MUssel Sustainable production (re)cyCLES – Promoting transition to a circular economic model

Sampling of microplastics in water at the pilot area of La Spezia

Campionamento delle microplastiche in acqua presso l’area pilota di La Spezia
Today microplastic sampling in the Ligurian pilot area of our LIFE MUSCLES. We are there where the muscles are raised - they are not called mussels or mussels - in the Gulf of La Spezia, in that stretch of sea between the Cinque Terre park and the Magra park, in the beautiful sea of Lerici awarded

Monitoring on the beach and in the water at the pilot area of the Gargano

Monitoraggi in spiaggia e in acqua presso l’area pilota del Gargano
The team of the University of Siena, in collaboration with the mussel farmers of Ittica Del Giudice at work for the first monitoring of 2023. A very important project action that aims to measure the effectiveness of LIFE MUSCLES in mitigating the threat represented from the dispersion of socks for mussel farming in

The first LIFE Muscles reports are available online

Disponibili online i primi report di LIFE Muscles
In the DOCUMENTS section of this site, reports made by our partners are available to help us take stock of Italian mussel farming, legislation and guidelines for the use of stockings for mussel farming. You will also find a report on the action that has the objective of developing and selecting

Christmas seminars at the Chemistry Department of the Sapienza University of Rome

Seminari di Natale al Dipartimento di Chimica della Sapienza Università di Roma
Like every year, the "Christmas Seminars" (5th edition) were held in the Chemistry Department of the Sapienza University of Rome. The event, aimed at secondary school students, pursues the objective of disseminating the current research topics carried out by researchers of the Department with the aim of

LIFE Muscles Executive Committee meeting

Executive Committee meeting di LIFE Muscles
Today was the fourth annual LIFE Muscles Partner Meeting. For the first time in attendance since the beginning of the project, the representatives of AMA, the Italian Aquaculture Association, Novamont, Ittica Del Giudice, the University of Siena and La Sapienza met at the headquarters of the leader Legambiente Onlus

Sealogy from 16 to 18 November in Ferrara

Sealogy dal 16 al 18 novembre a Ferrara
AMA - Mediterranean Aquaculture Association and CMA - Associated Mussel Farmers Cooperative of La Spezia are the partners of LIFE Muscles present at Sealogy, the international trade fair dedicated to the sea and its resources, taking place at Ferrara Expo (16-18 November 2022). Guests from over 15 countries on an international scale for plenaries, seminars

IX SIRAM National Conference, 11-12 November 2022 in Trieste

IX Convegno Nazionale SIRAM, 11-12 novembre 2022 a Trieste
The representatives of our partner University of Bologna participate in the IX National Conference SIRAM - Italian Society of Research Applied to Shellfish Farming - with an e-poster aimed at disseminating our LIFE Muscles project at the Chamber of Commerce of Trieste. On 11 and 12 November, the scientific panorama meets

Olioliva in Imperia: let's taste oil and muscles!

Olioliva a Imperia: gustiamo olio e muscoli!
The friends of the Cooperative Mussel Farmers Associati are at Olioliva Imperia, the fair dedicated to an excellence of the Ligurian territory: extra virgin olive oil. Until Sunday 06 November at the mussel farmers' stand in La Spezia, the commitment of LIFE Muscles to make their business more sustainable. And then don't miss Gli

LIFE Muscles at the European Researchers' Night

LIFE Muscles alla Notte Europea dei Ricercatori
During the European Researchers' Night, presentation of Life MUSCLES to children and citizens. Researchers' Night is an initiative promoted by the European Commission since 2005 which every year involves thousands of researchers and research institutions in all European countries. The goal is to create meeting opportunities

LIFE Muscles at the congress on the European Aquaculture Society

LIFE Muscles al congresso sull’European Aquaculture Society
Two partners of the LIFE Muscles project were also present at the congress on the European Aquaculture Society, held in Rimini from 27 to 30 September: the Mediterranean Aquaculture Association and the University of Bologna. The team from Bologna presented the LIFE_Muscles project, raising awareness among researchers and operators in the aquaculture sector from all over Europe on the

Polypropylene Recovery and Recycling from Mussel Nets, article available on

Polypropylene Recovery and Recycling from Mussel Nets, articolo disponibile su
A new article entitled Polypropylene Recovery and Recycling from Mussel Nets, written by our scientific director Loris Pietrelli, has been published on Research Gate. Here the full version (in English) Below, however, an abstract: Mussels are the lowest cost source of animal protein

Guest of Linea Blu, our project and actions to combat marine litter

Ospite di Linea Blu, il nostro progetto e le azioni di contrasto al marine litter
Life MUSCLES in the episode of Linea Blu broadcast on August 27 on Rai1 and RaiPlay. The scientific manager of the Sea Turtle Recovery Center of Manfredonia, Giovanni Furii, spoke about our project and the activities of Legambiente dedicated to the recovery of sea turtles. “Since the Center has been active, I have been

The Fishing for Litter project in Porto Garibaldi: data from the fourth edition presented at Goletta Verde 2022. Stockings for the cultivation of mussels predominate among the waste brought back to the port by the fishermen.

Il progetto Fishing for Litter a Porto Garibaldi: presentati a Goletta Verde 2022 i dati della quarta edizione. Predominanti le calze per la coltivazione dei mitili tra i rifiuti riportati al porto dai pescatori.
The round table that was held this morning, Thursday 4 August at the Porto Garibaldi fish market, was an important experience to discuss the opportunities of the new "Salvamare" law, which must see the active participation of all stakeholders of the coast as well as animating a discussion on how

The wallpaper produced from the recycling of mussel breeding nets

La carta da parati prodotta dal riciclo delle reti per l’allevamento delle cozze
Adriatica Collection on Seaweave, the wallpaper made with a TNT (non-woven fabric) support recycled from the PP (polypropylene) nets used in mussel farming. Waste deriving from abandoned, lost or voluntarily thrown away fishing gear is also called “ghost gear” or ALDFG (Abandoned, lost or

Plastic Socks Busters at Capojale beach, hunting for fish nets in the Gargano

Plastic Socks Busters alla spiaggia di Capojale, a caccia di retine in Gargano
. After the initiative in La Spezia, 21 July from 10am onwards, it will be the turn of our Apulian friends who, with the 1st Edition of the PLASTIC SOCKS BUSTERS Campaign, will involve citizens, residents, tourists and economic operators in the hunt for socks for mussel farming dispersed on Capojale beach. Among the specific objectives of

Plastic Socks Busters on the island of Palmaria to involve and raise awareness among residents and tourists

Plastic Socks Busters all’isola di Palmaria per coinvolgere e sensibilizzare residenti e turisti
. The 1st Edition of the PLASTIC SOCKS BUSTERS Campaign will be held on July 9th from 9am onwards, organized as part of the project action which aims to involve citizens, residents, tourists and economic operators. Among the specific objectives of the project there is also the desire to raise awareness among the general public and some target groups

With Legambiente aboard the Goletta Verde in La Spezia LIFE MUSCLES, the project that intends to transform the pollution of mussel farming nets into a circular economy

Con Legambiente a bordo di Goletta Verde a La Spezia  LIFE MUSCLES, il progetto che intende trasformare l’inquinamento delle retine della mitilicoltura in economia circolare
. Goletta Verde returns to fight the lack of purification and pollution of the seas. Search for solutions to the climate crisis. It protects marine biodiversity and strengthens the system of protected areas. The conference to be held on board the Goletta Verde at the Assonautica port of La Spezia aims to disseminate a project

Life MUSCLES and scientific environmentalism at SYNC, The First Symposium for YouNg Chemists: Innovation and Sustainability.

Life MUSCLES e l’ambientalismo scientifico al SYNC, The First Symposium for YouNg Chemists: Innovation and Sustainability.
. From 20 to 23 June the Life MUSCLES project at Sapienza University of Rome will host SYNK, The First Symposium for YouNg Chemists: Innovation and Sustainability. The international conference is organized by the Department of Chemistry to promote ever greater collaboration between research groups and provide young people with ideas

Presentation of Life MUSCLES at the GLAUKOS project workshop

Presentazione di Life MUSCLES al workshop del progetto GLAUKOS
The Glaukos multistakeholder workshop “Tackling microplastics pollution: can biodegradable textile and coating be a solution?” will be held online on Monday 20 June from 10.00 to 13.00. The objective of the workshop is to identify and discuss how biodegradable solutions can address microplastic pollution along the lifecycle stages of

Presentation of the Life MUSCLES Project at the Rimini Nautical Club

Presentazione del Progetto Life MUSCLES al Club Nautico di Rimini
At the Rimini Nautical Club, on Saturday 4 May from 5.30 pm, a conference on marine litter was held as part of the "Into the blue" festival organized by the Cetacea Foundation of Riccione: the University of Bologna which is a project partner , participated by bringing LIFE Muscles as an example of commitment to development

Beach litter monitoring. Also in Torre Mileto, Foggia, collection and monitoring of nets for mussel farming

Beach Litter Monitoring. Anche a Torre Mileto, Foggia, raccolta e monitoraggio delle retine per la mitilicoltura
The Beach Litter Monitoring which took place on May 29th in the enchanting setting of Torre Mileto received a great deal of support from both citizens and the local administration. Many associations also took part in the awareness day thanks to the involvement work carried out by the Circolo Legambiente IRIDE of San Nicandro.

Beach litter monitoring. In Manfredonia in Puglia, the first beach waste collection and monitoring activity

Beach Litter Monitoring. A Manfredonia in Puglia, la prima attività di raccolta e monitoraggio rifiuti spiaggiati
Today a very important Life Muscles action begins to evaluate the achievement of the project objectives: during the next four years, in fact, waste monitoring will be carried out on the beaches of the two pilot areas. This action aims to verify whether, thanks to the project actions, it can be registered

Presentation of the Life MUSCLES Project at the Seas at Risk workshop

Presentazione del Progetto Life MUSCLES al workshop Seas at Risk
Life Muscles is also among the projects that Legambiente Onlus presented today at the Seas At Risk workshop. The organization involves European environmental associations that protect marine ecosystems and biodiversity through the promotion of good practices and policies to be shared and disseminated. At the center of the workshop, European interface projects

Presentation of the Life MUSCLES Project at the University of Bologna

Presentazione del Progetto Life MUSCLES all’Università di Bologna
On Saturday 19 March, Professor Alessio Bonaldo presented our project among the various ones involving the Alma Mater Studiorum - University of Bologna on the theme of "New technologies and strategies for reducing the use of plastics in shellfish farming. A morning of in-depth study at the University Center for Fish Production

First monitoring visit by Neemo EEIG

Prima visita di Monitoraggio da parte di Neemo EEIG
The first monitoring visit by Neemo EEIG – Timesis was held today, 23 February 2022, the company that will be our guide, monitor and evaluator of project performance for the next four years.

Presentation of Life Muscles at Ecomondo

Presentazione di Life Muscles a Ecomondo
Sustainable aquaculture, a second life for the nets used to raise mussels The new Legambiente project LIFE Muscles was presented at Ecomondo, the green and circular economy fair. The nets are the third plastic waste most present in


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