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Beach Litter Monitoring in Liguria



223 nets for mussel farming, 2,150 kg of undifferentiated waste, 1,200 kg of plastic, 1 car/boat battery, a 10 meter long water pipe, a large unmeasurable quantity of wood, the results of the day of monitoring and cleaning of the Spiagga del Terrizzo of Palmaria Island.

As part of the Life Muscles project, financed by the European community and relating to the replacement of nets for mussel farming from disposable to biodegradable plastic, the La Spezia club of Legambiente organized a day of monitoring of the beached mussel culture nets and monitoring of other waste present.

The same day coincided with the national deadline of the Legambiente Clean Up the Med campaign, so the participants removed the waste listed in the title of this note.


It was a positive day both for participation and for the activities carried out, declares Stefano Sarti President of the Circolo Nuova Ecologia Legambiente La Spezia. It is impressive how much "special" waste is always found in these contexts, in this case the battery and plastic pipes.


Terrizzo is a public beach that deserves greater care and cleaning by public administrations, continues Legambiente. We will always keep it monitored, because it is an important part of safeguarding our beloved Palmaria.


The La Spezia club will continue the activities of the Life Muscles project following the established program. Monitoring and cleaning interventions, dissemination and communication on the advantages of this innovative project.

La Spezia, 12/5/2024





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